Colorful Commentary, Opening Week

Those who know me know that I talk to myself (don't worry, I'm seeing a shrink for it) while playing video games and watching the NBA. Here's what I was saying on the first week of the 2017-2018 season, which started early before the days got really short thanks to an edict by Czar Silver.

"Orphaned Bigs"

Man, is it too much to ask to see an old school big on a contender? The likes of Boogie/Davis, Marc Gasol, Hassan Whiteside, and Joel Embiid (well, all half hour sitcom length of him) are on an island, left to toil on mediocre to bad teams while the rest of the league embraces the three ball and "positionless" hoops. I thought I could find some fun in Towns, but he's putting up around 3PAs a game, up from around 1 in his rookie season. Sure, this is the league now, and even many of the guys I mentioned (Gasol, Boogie, Embiid), can stretch the floor too. But they're big down low first and I miss that deeply. 


First there was Gordon Hayward's gruesome injury five minutes into opening night, which had shades of Kevin Ware's injury. Jeremy Lin went down and knew he was done immediately. Chris Paul, Hassan Whiteside, and Dennis Schroder are among some of the other notable names to hit the injury list since Oct 17. Is sloppy play the only consequence of a shorter preseason or will injuries be a factor, too?

"Surprise Teams"

In his second season with the Magic, Coach Frank Vogel is bringing his defensive brand of hoops to Orlando and the team doesn't look half bad so far, even scoring a win against the disoriented Cavs. They're 2-1 so far. Meanwhile, the Suns look awful, losing to the Blazers by 48 and the Clips by 42. Lovely.  

"Game of the week"

You might think that Houston @ Warriors game fits the bill, and it was delicious to see Kevin Durant's face fall when his wide open buzzer beater was disallowed , but this week's honors go to the Wolves @ OKC Sunday evening game (thanks free NBA league pass). 

Leading most of the game, the Wolves appeared to be sunk by a Carmelo Anthony clutch 3 pointer. With no time outs remaining (Coach Thibs, naturally), the Wolves desperately got the ball inbounds and Wiggins made a miraculous 3 point shot off the glass to win the game. 

This would also be the time to shout out Andre Roberson, the worst offensive player in league history, who left four points on the table in the form off 2 pathetic airballed FTs and a blown layup off a fly Westbrook dish. This will the be the first of many receipts as I develop a case that if Roberson is in the league, I should be, too.